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Chapter 2: Cops & Robbers

Coco is in her house with Aku Aku in the kitchen reading the newspaper. They read an article saying that Cortex has been saving the world from the evil Crash Bandicoot for 16 years. Both of them are puzzled at this weird statement.

Coco: "Can you believe this? Either someone got their facts wrong like their name is J. Jonah Jameson, or something really odd is in the air."

Aku: "I am just as confused as you are, Coco. I fear that this is no doubt Dr. Cortex's latest scheme, but how did he make something like this possible?"

Coco: "Maybe he built some kind of contraption that can switch the lives of people, or maybe he & N. Trance worked together to brainwash the world into thinking that Crash is a menace to society."

Aku: "Hmmmmm, I am sensing that he is working with someone we are unfamiliar with. Someone with "inaccurate features"."

Coco: "So you're saying that whoever Cortex is working with made all this possible? Everyone in the world is tricked into thinking the wrong things, but how come we weren't affected?"

Aku: I think it had something to do with that invention of yours, you had invented helmet-gear for all of our friends that were very protective of anything that effects the mind. It even had a portable television screen on the go!"

Coco: "*blushes*, yeah, isn't nice to have genius in the family?"

Crash rushes into Coco's kitchen to see if she or anyone else has heard about this.

Crash: "Guys! You won't believe what they're saying on-"

Coco: "We know, Crash, we're trying to figure this mess out, too. Have you seen Jade?"

Crash: "No, I-"

Jade Tiger, the bandicoot's new friend, shows up & surprises Crash.

Jade: "Here I am!"

Crash: "DAH!"

Jade: "*laughs*, so, where's the fire?"

Coco: "The public's saying that my brother is a villain! & guess who's the hero now..."

Jade: "Wait, what? Why? When? How? WHO?"

Coco: "They're saying that Cortex is has always been the hero & Crash has always been the villain! Aku Aku suspects that whoever Cortex is working with this time may have caused this."

Jade: "Wow, this is crazy. If Crash is the bad guy this time, then doesn't that mean that the authorities is going to be looking for him?"

Crash: "WHOA! The authorities? As in, the boys in blue? The Po-Pos?"

Aku: "Hopefully it will not come to that, & if it does, we must stay hidden. It is the only way to investigate this controversy."

Crash: "*sigh*, whatever, I'm going to go for a walk & get my mind right."

Jade: "Mind if I go with?"

Crash: "Not at all, I need some company."

Both Crash & Jade walk out of Coco's house & down to Crash's house. While they're walking, they see another feline figure sneaking out of the window of the house, with a bag of Crystals!

Crash: "HEY!"

The female feline looks back & quickly runs away, & I do mean QUICKLY!

Crash: "Whoa! Was that some sort of cheetah-girl? Taking OUR Crystals? I never though things could get any worse!"

Jade: "Don't worry, I'll get her!"

Jade takes off like a blue hedgehog, blowing Crash's fur & pants into her direction. As he runs to get it while no one's looking, Jade tries to chase down the female cheetah. Jade corners the cheetah at the edge of a cliff near the water with nowhere to run.

Jade: "Alright, who are you & why are you stealing the bandicoot's stuff?"

Female Cheetah: "Jade Tiger, long time no see."

The female cheetah says so in an African-accent, then she turns around with a devious smile. Jade immediately recognizes her.

Jade: "Elijah? What are you doing here?"

Elijah: "I don't like using that name anymore, you can call me "Mwizi"."

(Mwizi= African for "Thief")

Jade: "Okay, "Mwizi", why are you taking my friends stuff? You know those Crystals belong to thee Crash Bandicoot, don't you?"

Elijah: "You mean, Crash Bandicoot, the evil one who's been trying to take over the world for 16 years?"

Jade: "NO! The GOOD one who's been saving the world for 16 years! Those are his Power Crystals, he keeps them away from the EVIL Dr. Cortex!"

Elijah: "Oh, Jade, you & that imagination of yours, he-he! I am simply doing a good deed for Dr. Cortex, the TRUE hero. By giving him these Power Crystals, he be able to use them to end all of the evil in the world, then maybe your BOYFRIEND can finally be put away for life!"

Jade: "Don't you realize what's going on? Cortex has you fooled. Someone he's working with made him the hero & Crash the bad guy, & what do you mean "boyfriend"? We're just friends, okay?"

Crash catches up with Jade, pulling his pants up.

Crash: "Did you get her? *looks at Elijah*, helloooo! Did you steal those just to get my attention? *smiling* Shucks, girls these days, huh?"

Jade kicks Crash in the shins.

Crash: "Ow!"

Elijah: "I don't have time for this, once I give these Crystals to Cortex, you will be put away for good, Crash Bandicoot!"

Crash: "Hey, wait a minute, I'm the-"

Elijah, or Mwizi, blows some unusual dust into Crash & Jade's faces. They cough & cough & cannot see a thing, but when the dust clears up, Mwizi's gone.

Crash: "Once again, WHAT...JUST...HAPPENED?!"

Jade: "An old "friend" just came & took the Crystals, & then she just disappeared out of nowhere!"

Crash: "But you have to admit that was pretty cool."

Jade kicks Crash in the shins again.

Crash: "OW!"

Just then, some policemen & a eagle-guy show up to Crash's house, Jade & Crash see them & wonder if they're here because of the burglary.

Crash: "Oh, am I glad to see you guys! Some cheetah-girl was here & she-"

Eagle-Guy: "There he is, dudes! Arrest the madman!"

Jade: "Oh, great."

Policeman: "Crash Bandicoot, we have a warrant for your arrest! Stay still & remain silent!"

Aku Aku & Coco arrive & see Crash being wrongfully arrested. Crunch comes out of the house after a long nap.

Crunch: "*yawn*, hey, what's goin' on?"

Coco: "They're arresting Crash! Oh, my god. What are we gonna do?"

Crunch: "WHAT? WHY?"

Crash: "Wait, you guys got the wrong bandicoot! There was someone who was robbing MY house!"

Eagle-Guy: "Take him away, boys!"

Coco: "Uhh, who the heck are you?"

Wyatt: "The name's Wyatt, Wyatt Eagle! Would you like my number?"

Coco: "As if! Tell them to leave my brother be & I'll think about it!"

Jade: "This can't be happening."

Policeman: "Come on, menace, time for us to book you once & for all!"

Aku: "ENOUGH!"

Aku Aku uses his magic to grab Crash & take him away from the police. Then he creates a force around everybody else & prepares to teleport off of Wumpa Island.

Wyatt: "Oh, man! WHAT'S HAPPENING?"

Crash: "Heh, newbie!"

Everyone teleports out of there, leaving the policemen angry & confused.

Policeman: "Did you see that?"

Policeman #2: "Yeah, that ne'er do well got away from us! He's just making it harder for himself! Call all the officers we know, this just became personal."

(end of Ch. 2)
Ch. 2

Two of my O.C.s appear finally, Wyatt & Elijah. Not only that, but the boys in blue show up, too!

Fanfic/Characters (C) to me. Crash & Co. (C) to Activision.

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