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Crash Bandicoot: Always and FurEver by mcp100
Crash Bandicoot: Always and FurEver
I love Crash with all my heart, he's my childhood hero. The time I drew him with my own characters for his universe with my own stories in mind has been a blast for me.

Hopefully I can do it more in the future.

#bringbackbandicoot :iconcrashbandicootplz:

Crash & Co. (C) Activision. Fan Characters (C) me.
Chapter 21: Always & FurEver

(Some time into the future)


The doorbell for Coco's house rings. She hears it & prepares to get the door.

Coco: "Oh, I wonder who that could be."

She turns the knob & pulls the door open. At the door standing on her porch is Dr. Neo Cortex & Uka Uka, who surprises her hugely.


Cortex: "I'm here to burn this island down."

Coco: "Oh no you're not!"

Coco rushes towards Cortex & prepares to karate-kick him. But thanks to being en-gifted with "Dark-Crystal Power" from Uka Uka, Cortex quickly reacts & blocks her attack.

Cortex: "Tsk tsk, that's no way to treat a visitor now, is it?"

Coco lets out a scream of instant panic.

Coco: "AAAAHHHH! Was that too much?"

A more powerful Cortex drags Coco out in the middle of the residence area & before her stands the most horrifying creation ever created.

Coco: "You won't get away with this, you- life form-loathing jerk!"

Cortex: "Say hello to my greatest invention of all-time: The N. Igma Machine! A machine of pure unpredictability, encoded with superior artificial intelligence & powered by mystical Crystals, fueled by dark-magic."

Coco: "Wow."

Uka: "Cower before this godly creation, for it may be the last thing you ever see, girl."

Cortex: "You know who I'm seeking, female bandicoot. Waste more of my time & I'll end you right here & now!"

Crash: "I don't think so, Neo!"

Finally, the heroic Crash Bandicoot steps on to the scene with Aku Aku by his side.

Cortex: "So it's you. Funny how we both possess power identical to each other now, am I right?"

Crash: "Yeah, but do you know how to USE this power you have now?"

Cortex: "Check this out! My N. Igma machine is living proof, & with it, I'll destroy everything in my path, but first..."

Crash: "Yeah yeah, I know. Just like old times?"

Cortex: "Well then come at me then, you ever-so-persistent little creature!"

Uka: "Gaze upon our great creation. Your move, brother!"

Aku: "Big machinery & Crystals will not ensure your victory, Uka Uka. Me & Crash will prove that."

Crash: "It's on again, Neo!"

Cortex gets into & revs up his machine & charges right towards his enemy, who is, of course, always prepared for anything. As Cortex launches projectiles towards Crash's direction, Crash dodges out of the way & super-hops into the air. From there he leaps onto the powerful robot. With his right-hand on fire & ready to smash through something like a crate, Crash swings his arm around in a rapid spin & aims it at the window of where Cortex resides & controls the N. Igma. The battle between good & evil continues...


Whether it's saving the world or protecting people & his loved ones, you can always count on Crash Bandicoot to save the day. & though Dr. Cortex is even more powerful than he has ever been, thanks to the work of dark magic & lost Power Crystals, our hero will always find a way, like he has been since his day of creation.

He is Crash Bandicoot.

Always & FurEver.


                                        (the end)
Chapter 20: Optimism

Somewhere a hundred miles off the Wumpa Island coast, Dr. Cortex regains consciousness from being thrown by a powerful orange marsupial. He finds himself in a familiar situation: In a dark cave lit up with glistening lost Power Crystals.

Cortex: "Muhahahahaha! Crystals, of course!"

Uka Uka appears.

Uka: "Cortex!"

Cortex: "D'OH!"

Uka: "No more running! We must- wait. Crystals, crystals everywhere!"

Cortex: "Yes! I knew there'd be more out there somewhere. & The bandicoot & your goody-two-shoe never bothered to look here in this cave. Now we have them all. Think of what we can do with this power & your power combined!"

Uka: "Yesss! Then there'll be two powerful life forms on this Earth! Only one will come out victorious!"

Cortex stands up straight & prepares to make a speech that really shows that he changed.

Cortex: "Soon, very soon, I will have the power, & everyone will automatically suffer! I'll destroy everything in my path, & hurt Crash Bandicoot, attacking his heart first, then attacking the bandicoot himself! He'll die for good."

Uka: "You finally sound sure of yourself."

Cortex: "Dang skippy! Now let's get these Crystals & get to work..."


Wyatt: "Resistance? There was a resistance against Brio's army of Superhumans?"

Crash: "Yep. It was huge. & everyone played a part, you were the leader of the Soaring-Soldiers Division, where it was aerial attacks all day 24/7!"

Wyatt: "Duuuude!"

Crash: "& Coco made this doppelganger device that can make her work the mainframe & help out against the bad guys at the same time."

Coco: "I was just thinking about making something like that. Interesting, hmmm."

Crash: "Crunch & Jade were with me on the front-lines with Yaya. Crunch had this super-cool upgraded metal-arm, I'm talking rockets, lasers, & MP3 playing goodness!"

Crunch: "AY!"

Crash's attitude changes from joyous to concerned.

Crash: "I just realized something, in the future N. Brio is the main baddie on the scene because we all thought Cortex was gone. But now that we know he's not gone, doesn't that mean the future will be, you know, different now?"

Aku: "We can never be sure of what the future will bring. We can only focus on today."

Crash: "But, the resistance, everybody apart of it. Elijah, Kong, Linzay & Xavier-"

Jade: "Who's Linzay & Xavier?"

Crash: "Oh, man. Those two are a wild trio. I met them while- is everything alright, sis?"

Just then, Coco sees someone near her house in her small garden.


Crash: "Oh, that's probably Xavier."

Coco rushes towards her house to fend off the intruder.

Crash: "Coco, wait!"

Coco: "ARGH!"

Coco jumps onto the back of the young Capuchin monkey & wrestles him to the ground.

Xavier: "Wait wait wait! I'm sorry!"

Coco: "So you're the one who's been eating all my Wumpa Fruits!"

Wyatt tries to pry Coco off of Xavier, until someone else arrives on the scene.

"Linzay: "Hey! Leave him alone!"

Linzay, six years younger than from before, charges at Coco, but Crunch jumps into the way & his head-butted in his gut.

Crunch: "OOOOH!"

Linzay: "Uhh, sorry about about that folks. My friend here gets a little crazy around this stuff. I'm really sorry!"

Crunch: "Nah, it's all good, girl. That was just, a tickle... OOOOH."

He gets onto his knees in pain & rests there for a bit. Linzay then notices Crash in her sights.

Linzay: "Waitaminute, OMG IT'S YOU!!"

Crash: "Uh, hi!"

Linzay: "I'm such a huge fan of you! Oh, where are my manners? My names Linzay, & the Wumpa-Vampire is Xavier."

Xavier: "Sup."

Crash: "Oh, trust me, I know who you guys are. Let's just say, I was time-traveling."

Linzay: "Time-traveling you say? OOOH, how do I look in the future? Are my horns bigger? Does Xavier have more hair around his face?"

Crash: "Ehh, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise..."

Aku: "Actually, that is the beauty of not knowing what tomorrow may hold. You never know what could happen next."

Crash: "But for now, focusing on right now is what it's all about. Knowing that you have people who surround you with care & support is the more important thing."

Linzay: "True dat. Xavier & I are like brother & sister, we look out for each other all the time."

Aku: "That means you two are family, & you will always love each other & be together no matter what."

Xavier: "Mmph, you said it."

Munching on Wumpa Fruit with a peeved Coco next to him, Xavier offers a fruit to her.

Xavier: "Wumpa?"

Coco: " I : (  "

Linzay: "There was this huge hurricane that occurred around your home, are you alright? I mean, I hope the hurricane didn't hurt your hot- I MEAN heroic body."

Jade makes the same peeved face that Coco made at Xavier.

Jade: " I : (  "

Crash: "You mean, 'The Furricane'?"

Aku: "Must we stick with that name?"

Crash: "YES! It's genius!"

Coco: "Can't believe I'm saying this, but that IS pretty smart."

Wyatt: "Totally!"

Jade: "Yeah."

Linzay: "What's a furricane?"

In a matter of convenience, a familiar face with a familiar army of minions arrive on Wumpa Island for more action.

Crunch: "Uh oh, guess who's back for Round two, y'all."

The individual, who is none other than Dr. N. Brio, steps onto the grassy shore from slightly better transportation (it's driftwood, but this time with paddles). His Superhuman team arrives along with him & greets the bandicoots & co.

Brio: "Salut-t-t-tations, filthy rodents! I have returned with my army. & this time I'm gonna really win!"

Crash: "Same ol' transportation & same ol' lame Superhumans. Why even show up here again, Nitrus?"

Crash cockily steps out alone in front of line of angry Superhumans.

Crash: "Everybody stand back."

Linzay whispers to Jade...

Linzay: "What's he gonna do?"

Jade: "The answer to your question."

Crash closes his eyes & stands completely still as he powers up with the mystical force he was gifted with before. After gaining power, he opens his eyes gains the biggest grin on his face ever.

Brio: "What is this?"

Aku: "A sign that you & your army are in even more trouble than before! Crash, my boy, would you do the honors?"

Wyatt: "Here it comes!"

Crash winks as he prepares to spin around rapidly, confusing Brio & the Superhumans & brightening the faces of Xavier & Linzay.

Linzay: " *gasp*, is he..."

Jade: "Yep! Isn't he amazing?"

The bad guys feel a force that grabs them up into the air & spins them around & around in the Furricane. Brio gets caught up in it all, screaming like a little girl.


Everyone: "Woah!"

Coco: "That's my brother!"

Crash, who once again appears at the peak of the large tornado, winks at the reader & continues his greatest spin-maneuver ever in order to stop Brio & his minions.

Man I love that crazy bandicoot.

(end of ch. 20)
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Hope everybody had a good Christmas with their friends & families, & Kwanzaa/Hanukkah as well. 2015 here we come!

Man, the years just keep going by faster & faster, don't they?

On a side note, I put up my first YouTube video, go check it out if you want. I made it in college, originally it was supposed to be an animation, but since I didn't learn about it yet I just did sort of a slideshow with my deep voice & sfx. 

*WARNING* Levels of pure amateurishness inbound. 


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Michael Curtis Pope
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I draw in my spare time, from designing characters to making colorful environments. I'm an 18 year-old college freshman & I hope that I can be all that I can be here. I draw anthro, superheroes, fan art, fantasy, & environments.

I am cool around anybody & everybody, I respect every kind of art & every kind of person. I will not, however, tolerate trolling or hate art, if you do that, LEAVE NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!! :iconwthplz:

:bulletgreen:Likes: Any kind of art, GOOD music, meeting new people, drawing, Animation, having a good time, Video-Games, Anime, Anthro/Furry, Comics, Food(:nod: yus! i be hungy!:icongoofygrinplz:), Animals, DA Groups that AUTOMATICALLY EXECPTS SUBMISSIONS

:bulletred:Dislikes: Trolls, Hate-art, Bullying, being judged, most veggies, sin of any kind, art-copyers, the Maths, internet ads, first-person shooters, DA Groups that TAKE OVER A DECADE TO ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS, school, insects, candy, Radio-song mixes, internet ads, racist people

:icontradesopen: :icongiftsopen: :iconrequestsopen: :icontradesask:

All Interests: (games/ movies/ shows, etc.)
-Crash Bandicoot( top cuz' he's my childhood)
-Toy Story( also my childhood)
-Spider-man & MARVEL (DC, too)
-Adventure Time
-Avatar T.L.A. & T.L.O.A.
-Being Human
-Jak & Daxter
-PlayStation(all consoles)
-Regular Show
-Animal Planet
-Phineas & Ferb
-Other old animated Disney Shows
-The OLD Cartoon Network
-Spyro The Dragon
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
-Drake & Josh
-Any Anime of ANY kind
-Slender Man
-Jeff The Killer

I have lots of others!

-Current Residence: Stuck in my room
-Favorite Color: Green
-Favorite genre of music: Pop, Hip-hop(certain kinds), R-B, Rock, & Soul
-Favorite style of art: Cartoon(not the goofy/silly kind), Disney-Like, Anime
-MP3 player of choice: Iphone 4
-Shell of choice: Taco (XD)
-Wallpaper of choice: Marvel Superheroes & Villans
-Skin of choice: Unbreakable
-Favorite cartoon character(s): Finn & Jake, Phineas & Ferb, Ben 10, Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, Mordecai & Rigby
-Personal Quote: WHAT THE FUZZ?!

My Friends:

Sisters n' Brothers:

Inspirational Artists:

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS da stamp by starplexusOld and New Crash Stamp by TheEmptyCanvasDancing Crash - Stamp by Glowhyena-Clean fanartist- stamp by EmbracedByDvorovoiFriends by KiagouTombRespect My Opinion plz by sugarpoultryIll Be Laughing in 2013 Stamp by confetti-cakethe truth stamp by manic-pixieWhatever I Want Stamp by EmeraldTokyoYou by Knight1313OC stamp by SuyyIgnore the Troll Stamp by Mirz123Stamp - One Word Comments by AnonymousLinkTalk to Me :D by silvvyI suck at maths by prosaixPizza Stamp by LinkmaxWalt Disney. by Snuf-StampsStamp : This is my life style by BritazzyAnthro Stamp by evilempressDon't comment stamp by DragonHeartLuverThanks for the Fave 3::Stamp:: by ZayixI Like Waffles. Stamp by bizarrostamps:thumb178893930:Checking Messages Stamp by Drake1It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008Slow interwebz by prosaixCharacter Stamp by ArpieI Love Tigers by ThunderflightStamp - Eminem 06 by MonikanarniaSpiderman Stamp by SuperFlash1980Traditional artists get DIRTY by thesunshotmeThe Scanner Killed my Drawing by Dragon-of-MidnightBuffering by Shadow696Groups overload by prosaixSpyro Stamp by Ultimate-VaperionEnjoy Video Games by skinnyveestampi still watch cartoons by ourstarsI love animals stamp by MasanohashiI love anime stamp by vero-g6-stampsComments are Appreciated by CosmicVirus:thumb293122099:lazy, not stupid. by DizzifulSlow interwebz by prosaixSleepy head by prosaixMeat lover by prosaixSpyro the Dragon stamp by RobinBaxterButt_Stamp_ Digital Traditional by The-Cactus-RunnerChecking Messages Stamp by Drake1My Style by AraulsStampsBandicoots. by Monster-Boar:thumb251685025:Crash Bandicoot Stamp by xSweetSlayerxI still love PS2 Stamp__ by DarkShelke:thumb169928506:God is real by JonoLucernelove music stamp by Fire-FelineAnimal Abuse Stamp by GlintzDragonIf you believe... by black-cat16-stamps"Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-StampsOwn Style Stamp by HyperactiveMothManOC x Canon stamp by ARTic-WeatherI draw during class STAMP by CountANDRAMusic Stamp by The-HamletsNo FB by GodOfBadWeatherEd Edd 'n Eddy - 001 by Stamps4JournalsTyping Stamp by In-The-MachineDoctor Octopus Stamp 5 by dA--bogeymanThe Early Stamp by BusirisCenter of attention - stamp by Angi-ShyMarvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86Pixar - stamp by hiena004DC Comics Stamp by NewEraUsherPlaystation stamp by 3enzo:thumb160167987:Tekken Fan Stamp by vdaymassacreoc pairings by Noe-Izumiart helps me relax stamp by wol4ica-stockCrash Stamp by pokeone123:thumb191309284:Anti Trolls Stamp by sonic2344Ultimate Spider-Man Stamp by KimoForceMARVEL Thor + Hulk Stamp by TwilightProwlerMARVEL Peter Parker + Gwen Stacy Stamp by TwilightProwlerDaily... by prosaixNever enough sleep by prosaixI love Cheetahs by WishmasterAlchemist.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotAnti-Domestic Abuse Stamp by icze4rAs a Christian, I Support by WorldincoffeeAnti-Racism by KeykeyFan Character Stamp by queen-of-pieI support Fanart by SquallxZell-Leonhart:thumb204016636:Normal by MySweetQueenI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate:thumb51586395:Stamp: I love NATURE by silsadoSTAMP-mechanical pencils by Sister-of-CharitySTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzCOD is NOT the God of Gaming by LegendaryDragon90Sketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlowI Like Watching Clouds by PhysicalMagicGangnam Style Stamp by wangqrForever Drawing by Kiqo7Fun not fame... by prosaixPeace stamp by RetromissileI Love Rollercoasters by alisagirardCrash Bandicoot stamp by LillyRabbitI Love Eyes Stamp by Sugargrl14Stamp : Be nice or shut up by CrysthalI miss the old CN by Nidsslamgirl-KNDEM-RAYTID GAYMES MAYK MII HARDCOR by N63Not Anymore by 5oulCore

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