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Chapter 15: Out of Time?

Back in the future, the war continues & Monster-Brio is currently dominating over the front-lines of the Wumpa Island-Resistance. Yaya Panda & Crunch has been proven to be no match for the hulking leader of the Superhuman Army. Crash, Linzay, Xavier, & Future Crash all stand together & try to figure out a way to take Brio down.

Linzay: "So, any ideas, leader?"

Future Crash: "Uhh, is jumping off of giant bricks onto his head still an option?"

Xavier: "Huh?"

Crash: "THIS ISN'T 1996!!"

Monster Brio: "RRRRRAAAAWWWRR!!"

Future Crash: "Dang! Is bad-breath your signature attack?"

Crash: "With a side of saliva-salvation?"

Monster Brio: "NO! THIS IS!!"

Monster brio, or as everyone refers to him, "Brio's Monster", smashes the ground with both of his hulking-hands, & causes the ground to shake & knock the others off their feet & onto their backs. Everyone else nearby, including the other Superhumans,  are affected by this quake. Just then both sides of the war in that surrounding area are interrupted.

Crash: "Woah."

As both the Resistance's attention & the Superhumans' are turned to Brio, he makes his threatening statement to everyone.


The Superhumans cheer in anticipation. Members of the Resistance are caught off guard & are overpowered by their enemies.

Linzay: "That does it, Incredible Dork! Now you're getting the horns!"

Linzay charges Monster-brio from behind with her huge horns at full speed. The impact knocks him to his stubby knees, allowing both Crash & Future Crash to get hits in. The results add more confidence to the heroes. The Greaser-Monkey Xavier also joins in on the squabble.

Xavier: "You wanna take us down?! You gotta get through me first! 'THE OUTSIDERS' IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE!!"

Just when Xavier lands a punch, Brio stops him in his tracks. He grabs him & swings him into Crash, Future Crash, & Linzay. Both Crashs are knocked unconscious, & Monster Brio goes over to grab the bandicoots by their throats & proceeds to choke the life out of them.


Meanwhile, back in 1996, a fight between Dr. N. Tropy & Dr. Cortex ensues. Cortex blasts his Ray-Gun at Tropy, who reflects the shot with his staff.

Cortex: "Give it up, time-traveler! You'll never stop me from reaching my goals!"

N. Tropy: "You're only cheating yourself out of a better life, Neo."

N. Tropy takes cover from the blasts. N. Trap attempts to subdue Cortex from behind, & is somewhat successful, as Cortex forcibly drops his Ray-Gun from his left-hand.

Cortex: "Unhand me, woman!"

N. Trap: "Nyet! We are doing this for your own good! This bandicoot you are going to evolve will ruin your life!"

N. Tropy emerges & walks over to the un-evolved Crash. He prepares his staff for the kill.

N. Tropy: "I've been waiting a long time for this."


Monster Brio is also very close to killing both versions of Crash Bandicoot. With their friends down & out, this could possibly be the end of our orange marsupial, for past, present, & future.

Monster Brio: "Say goodbye, Crash."

Struggling to speak, Crash tries to respond while losing breath.

Crash: "Welp, it looks like- I underestimated you- before, Nitrus."

Future Crash: "Never thought we'd be killed by a lame villain who turns out to be not-so-lame..."

Just then, Future Jade comes out of nowhere & slashes the beefy & green arms of Monster Brio, forcing him to drop both Crashs & roar in agony.

Monster Brio: "AAARRRGH!!"


At the same time in the past, just as N. Tropy prepares to kill the little orange marsupial, a blast from behind knocks him down & makes him drop his staff in the middle of the floor.

N. Tropy: "ARGH! WHO THE-"

It's Dr. N. Brio with Cortex's ray-gun.

Brio: "Alright, nobody move! I have a gun that does n-n-n-not belong to me even though it sh-sh-should, & I'm not afraid t-t-t-to use it! Hehe."

He aims the gun at N. Trap, who raises her hands & finally releases the grasp of Cortex.


In the future, Future Jade helps up Future Crash to his feet while Monster Brio is still recovering from the slashes.

Future Jade: "Hey."

Future Crash: "Hey."

Crash: "Hey!"

Future Jade: "HUH?"

Crash: "Uhh, hi, Future Jade! Can you two, like, make up, so that we can finish off Brio & his army already?"

Future Jade: "Already done." *whispers to Future Crash* "Whoisthat?"

Future Crash: "Really?" *whispers* "I'llexplainlater."

Future Jade: "Elijah told me everything, she said that you never stopped caring for me, even through all that happened in the last few years."

Future Crash: "Yeah, it's crazy. We barely even had time for each other. I just want this Resistance to win the war against those animal-hating creeps."

Crash: "Well it looks like our numbers are gaining on them. LOOK!"

A surprise from a mile away shows Titans banding together to stop the rest of the Superhuman army. Aku Aku is seen guiding Ratcicle, Spike, Snipe, Rhinoroller, Shellephant, & the humongous Scorporilla (still can't believe it's a she) as they get ready to defend & attack.

Superhuman: "Oh no. Not those things!"


Shellephant: "Shell yeah!"

Ratcicle freezes nearby enemies, allowing for Rhinoroller to roll & smash through them all like a big bowling-ball. Shellephant & Scorporilla tag-teams & smashes over 30 surrounding Superhumans. Members of the Resistance rejoice as they gain back the upper-hand of the war.

Future Jade: "We're winning!"

Monster Brio's pain fades away & he gets back to his feet. The first thing he sees is his Superhuman minions getting beat badly all around Wumpa Island, & he is not amused in the slightest.

Monster Brio: "No. This can't be! I can't lose again!"

Crash taps his back & gets him to turn around to another startling sight. Future Crash, Jade, Coco, Crunch, & Wyatt are joined by Yaya, Linzay, & Xavier against Brio, who, despite his hulking-stature, knows he's in for a rude awakening.

Monster Brio: "Uhh, not again."


Finally, back in the past, Brio still has possession of the ray-gun. With N. Tropy still down, Cortex gets the freedom to finally activate the Evolo-Ray on our soon-to-be hero.

N. Trap: "NO! DON'T-"

Brio: "S-s-shut your trap, lady! Haha, see what I d-d-did there?"

Cortex: "At last, my latest creation will come to life! You 'time travelers' will eat your words as this bandicoot will become my lead general!"

Dr. N. Brio raises the bandicoot into the vortex. Dr. Cortex watches in anticipation while the evolution process takes effect. N. Tropy rises in agony & realizes that he too is in for a rude awakening.

N. Tropy: "Uhh, not again."

*minutes later*


Cortex: "NOO!! How could this be?"

N. Trap: "Nefarious, you idiot! GET UP, he's going to get away!"

N. Tropy is too slow to blast The evolved & naked orange bandicoot that gets loose & runs amok around the lab. Cortex tries to chase him, but his back gives out. N. Trap just shakes her head & face-palms herself in disbelief.

Cortex: "*pant*, failure again! CAPTURE HIM!!"

The bandicoot grabs a pair of cuffed blue jeans with gloves & some red sneakers & prepares to make his escape out the window.

N. Tropy: "NOOOOOOO!"


Bandicoot: "Uh oh."

*falls from the castle into the water*

Everyone looks in shock out the window at the marsupial who seemingly disappeared into the water.

Brio: "Fiddlesticks. Crash got away."

Cortex: "This is all your fault! & why does his name have to be that?"

Brio: "Well, he seems to like smashing st-st-stuff, mostly crates, just look at the lab. & What do ya mean MY FAULT?!"

As the two lab partners turned enemies argue in the background, N. Tropy hangs his head in failure & looks for his staff. N. Trap gives it to him.

N. Trap: "Here you go, my love."

N. Tropy: "We failed, my dear. I am deeply sorry."

N. Trap: "Nyet, sweetie. YOU failed!"

N. Trap takes back the staff & knocks Tropy onto his back.

N. Tropy: "AH! Netra! What is the meaning of this?"

N. Trap: "What does it look like? You fell into my trap! I used you up to this very point so that I could take your precious staff & use it for my own selfish needs!"

Didn't see that coming...
This sudden mysterious action gains the attention of Cortex & Brio, who stops bickering to eves drop.

Brio: "Yeah? W-w-well your a- wait what's going on between those two?

N. Tropy: "I- I thought you loved me?"

N. Trap: "Love YOU? A tall, handsome man with facial hair & manly voice? Puh-leeze! I'm traveling to the future to find a gift for my true lover in the present! It's been a pleasure leading you on, I mean, working with you."

N. Tropy: "Wait! I cannot let you do this!"

N. Trap: "Sorry, but it looks like your the one who's out of time."

N. Trap disappears out of the castle with the time-staff.


Cortex: "Well, blue man, I don't know about you, but I'm going after what I worked so hard for. That bandicoot's failure is my gain now, he will regret not working for me."

N. Tropy: "You know, you're right. I'm the Master of Time! No one double-crosses me & gets away with it! I SHALL- I don't have my staff, though. DRAT!!"

Brio: "Ugh, I have this strange feeling that I going to be d-d-d-defeated in the future by Crash..."

Cortex: "Nonsense, Nitrus. Ready our minions, we have a world to dominate & an escaped marsupial to destroy."

Brio: "What about prep-p-pparing the female bandicoot?"

Cortex: "...Bring her in..."

(end of ch. 15)
Chapter 14: The Day It All Began

Dr. N. Tropy, N. Trap, & Uka Uka finally arrive on Cortex Island in the year 1996 & on the day of August 31st, the day when our furry-orange hero came to life.

N. Tropy: "Finally, my love, we've made it to the birthplace of our greatest enemy!"

N. Trap: "This castle is where Cortex holds his many rodents for experimentation, no?"

Uka: "Yes, this is the day when Neo works closely with his former partner, Nitrus Brio. They have built a machine known as the Evolvo-Ray, it can give any animal human characteristics. Right now, Cortex's Lab-Assistants are gathering marsupials, & we all know one of them is the one in particular we're looking for."

The robotic servants known as Lab-Assistants carry cages & boxes of animals from a ship & bring them inside the castle. Dr. N. Brio & Dr. Cortex himself, young again with black hair, comes to check on the progress.

Cortex: "Be careful with those rodents, my minions. We can't have injured test subjects for MY newest invention!"

N. Brio: "AHEM, I heard that!"

Cortex: "What?!"

After Cortex follows all of the assistant robots as they carry the subjects up the stairs, N. Tropy & N. Trap make their way to the entrance while the coast is clear.

N. Tropy: "Now's our chance! Let's make haste & sneak our way in."

Uka: "I want that bandicoot's past, present, & future to be sealed."

N. Trap: "Do not worry, my lord. He is surely good as dead since he won't see it coming."

As the evil doers advance, a duo of Lab Assistants catch them trespassing & attempt to subdue them.

Lab Assistant: "HALT, INTRUDERS."

N. Trap: "*sigh*, Wonderful."

One of the robots attempt to electrocute N. Trap, but she jumps out of the way.


N. Trap: "You dare try & neutralize me? Ty tupoy kusok loma !" (You stupid piece of scrap)

Dr. N. Tropy raises his staff in preparation of a fight.

N. Tropy: "Have at it, you worthless minion-bots!"

The Lab Assistants charge the evil couple. N. Tropy smashes the head of one of them & N. Trap grabs the arm of the one who was about to shock her before & pulls it off & hits the robot in his robotic nuts & bolts.

Lab Assistant #2: "OOOOOOH!"

After those two Lab Assistants are subdued, more arrive on the scene, leaving the evil couple with their backs against each other as they intend to attack from both sides, no matter how many robots gang up on them. Meanwhile, Cortex & Brio prepare to evolve some bandicoots. They start with Crash, as Cortex obviously sees great potential within him.

Brio: "But Dr. Cortex, we have not determined the cause of our p-p-past failures!"

Cortex: "MORON! This bandicoot will be my general! & he will lead my Cortex Commandos to world domination! This time I shall reign triumphant! Never again will the world mock Dr. Neo Periwinkle Cortex!"

Brio: "*giggles*"


The confused orange bandicoot begins to panic as the two mad scientists strap him into the machine. Back outside, N. Tropy & N. Trap are being overpowered by all the Lab Assistants. one of them electrocutes N. Trap in the arm.

N. Trap: "AARRGH! Nefearious, DO SOMETHING!"

N. Tropy: "Grrr, I'm trying, my love! But i can't figure out a way to- Oh, DUH."

N. Tropy finally finds a way to get him & his apparent girlfriend out of danger. He uses his staff to freeze time, but not before whipping it around to knock the robots away & then freeze them in midair. This allows him & N. Trap to get away.

N. Trap: "Grrrr. Stupid androids, I should hit the shock-y one in the nuts & bolts with HIS own arm again!"

N. Tropy: "No time. Cortex & his partner could be evolving animals right now."

Uka: "With time stopped, we have a better chance of killing Crash while we have the chance! Let's get it over with already!"

The doctors & Uka Uka make their way into the castle, going up the many stairs, & unfreezing time.

Cortex: "Wwwwe are closer than ever before! Quickly, into the vortex!"

Brio: "But Dr. Cortex, th-th-the vortex is not ready. We have no idea what it could do! Hehehehe!"

The big-headed mad scientist gazes in anticipation as Subject: Bandicoot 1.0 is placed & latched onto the seat of the Evolvo-Ray. Still panicking, the little marsupial squirms to get free. Just then, N. Brio hears hears knocking at the door.

Cortex: "It's...probably for you."

Brio goes over to open the door, but is instead knocked all away across the room by the door being knocked in by N. Tropy's staff. Progress on the Evolvo-Ray comes to a halt.

Cortex: "WHAT THE- who the hair are you?"

N. Tropy: "Dr. Neo Cortex, I am Dr. Nefarious Tropy. We have come from the future in the name of doing a good service."

Cortex: "The future, you say? That's scientifically impossible!"

N. Trap: "Impossible?! You have an enormous head, with a brain so big it led you to create a machine that grants animals human capabilities. & you worship a dark tiki-mask."

Cortex: "Hmm, the fine female doctor has a point. Tell me, what can you do?"

N. Trap: "I make traps."

Cortex: "...That's it?"

N. Tropy: "Her traps can really come in handy, & you never know when you yourself could be trapped. I know I am! She is that good."

N. Trap: "Oh, Nefarious. *giggles*"

Her & Tropy cuddle, grossing out Brio.

Brio: "Aw, g-g-get a room! Why are you here, anyways?"

N. Tropy: I have simply come to make all of our future lives better, more clearer for our goals down the road. Conquering the world is what every evil scientist wants nowadays, but there's one thing that's stopping all of that."

He points his staff at the un-evolved Crash. Cortex raises an eyebrow.

Cortex: "Him? But this bandicoot is special, I can see potential within him! This evolution process will prove that! It will be because of him that we will take over this planet! Dr. Brio! Re-activate the Ray!"

Brio gets up in agony & goes over to reactivate it, but is entrapped into a cage that crashes down on him.

Brio: "*sigh*, I wonder who's responsible for this." (sarcasm)

N. Trap: *raises hand* "Guilty."

N. Tropy: "Cortex. Let's be reasonable here. Think about your future!"

Cortex: "I know my future! & I won't let a nutcase like you ruin it for me! My loyal slaves! I need you!"

Moments pass & Cortex's Lab Assistants still haven't shown up.

Cortex: "Where are those silly robots?"

N. Trap: *raises hand* "Guilty."

Cortex: "Wow. You are good- err, I mean, THAT TEARS IT!"

He gets out his Ray-Gun in preparation for a fight.

N. Tropy: "Ah, yes. My favorite: the hard way."

& N. Tropy readies his staff. Stuff's about to go down.

(end of ch. 14)
Tales of Armile: Hand-Trick by mcp100
Tales of Armile: Hand-Trick
A comic featuring my witch character Ginger. She may be just a teenager, but she's more powerful than most people think. I don't know if something like this has been done already, but I thought it would be pretty cool.

Happy Halloween!!  :evillaugh:  (-:<
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My new semester started today, & I have two classes today & Wednesdays.

-Language of Animation & Film

-& Audio for Games & Animation

Well, these sound exciting, since both "Gaming" & "Animation" are in the same sentences, XD. Tuesdays & Thursdays I have a class called "Effective Speaking", crap. It means I'll have to stand up & speak in front of the class, doesn't it? Ehhhhhhhhh.... bad can that be? #ijinxedmyself

But seriously, I'm just glad to still be going to college to do something I love, even if I still have the occasional "other" classes.


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Michael Curtis Pope
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I draw in my spare time, from designing characters to making colorful environments. I'm an 18 year-old college freshman & I hope that I can be all that I can be here. I draw anthro, superheroes, fan art, fantasy, & environments.

I am cool around anybody & everybody, I respect every kind of art & every kind of person. I will not, however, tolerate trolling or hate art, if you do that, LEAVE NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!! :iconwthplz:

:bulletgreen:Likes: Any kind of art, GOOD music, meeting new people, drawing, Animation, having a good time, Video-Games, Anime, Anthro/Furry, Comics, Food(:nod: yus! i be hungy!:icongoofygrinplz:), Animals, DA Groups that AUTOMATICALLY EXECPTS SUBMISSIONS

:bulletred:Dislikes: Trolls, Hate-art, Bullying, being judged, most veggies, sin of any kind, art-copyers, the Maths, internet ads, first-person shooters, DA Groups that TAKE OVER A DECADE TO ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS, school, insects, candy, Radio-song mixes, internet ads, racist people

:icontradesopen: :icongiftsopen: :iconrequestsopen: :icontradesask:

All Interests: (games/ movies/ shows, etc.)
-Crash Bandicoot( top cuz' he's my childhood)
-Toy Story( also my childhood)
-Spider-man & MARVEL (DC, too)
-Adventure Time
-Avatar T.L.A. & T.L.O.A.
-Being Human
-Jak & Daxter
-PlayStation(all consoles)
-Regular Show
-Animal Planet
-Phineas & Ferb
-Other old animated Disney Shows
-The OLD Cartoon Network
-Spyro The Dragon
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
-Drake & Josh
-Any Anime of ANY kind
-Slender Man
-Jeff The Killer

I have lots of others!

-Current Residence: Stuck in my room
-Favorite Color: Green
-Favorite genre of music: Pop, Hip-hop(certain kinds), R-B, Rock, & Soul
-Favorite style of art: Cartoon(not the goofy/silly kind), Disney-Like, Anime
-MP3 player of choice: Iphone 4
-Shell of choice: Taco (XD)
-Wallpaper of choice: Marvel Superheroes & Villans
-Skin of choice: Unbreakable
-Favorite cartoon character(s): Finn & Jake, Phineas & Ferb, Ben 10, Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, Mordecai & Rigby
-Personal Quote: WHAT THE FUZZ?!

My Friends:

Sisters n' Brothers:

Inspirational Artists:

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS da stamp by starplexusOld and New Crash Stamp by TheEmptyCanvasDancing Crash - Stamp by Glowhyena-Clean fanartist- stamp by EmbracedByDvorovoiFriends by KiagouTombRespect My Opinion plz by sugarpoultryIll Be Laughing in 2013 Stamp by confetti-cakethe truth stamp by manic-pixieWhatever I Want Stamp by EmeraldTokyoYou by Knight1313OC stamp by SuyyIgnore the Troll Stamp by Mirz123Stamp - One Word Comments by AnonymousLinkTalk to Me :D by silvvyI suck at maths by prosaixPizza Stamp by LinkmaxWalt Disney. by Snuf-StampsStamp : This is my life style by BritazzyAnthro Stamp by evilempressDon't comment stamp by DragonHeartLuverThanks for the Fave 3::Stamp:: by ZayixI Like Waffles. Stamp by bizarrostamps:thumb178893930:Checking Messages Stamp by Drake1It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008Slow interwebz by prosaixCharacter Stamp by ArpieI Love Tigers by ThunderflightStamp - Eminem 06 by MonikanarniaSpiderman Stamp by SuperFlash1980Traditional artists get DIRTY by thesunshotmeThe Scanner Killed my Drawing by Dragon-of-MidnightBuffering by Shadow696Groups overload by prosaixSpyro Stamp by Ultimate-VaperionEnjoy Video Games by skinnyveestampi still watch cartoons by ourstarsI love animals stamp by MasanohashiI love anime stamp by vero-g6-stampsComments are Appreciated by CosmicVirus:thumb293122099:lazy, not stupid. by DizzifulSlow interwebz by prosaixSleepy head by prosaixMeat lover by prosaixSpyro the Dragon stamp by RobinBaxterButt_Stamp_ Digital Traditional by The-Cactus-RunnerChecking Messages Stamp by Drake1My Style by AraulsStampsBandicoots. by Monster-Boar:thumb251685025:Crash Bandicoot Stamp by xSweetSlayerxI still love PS2 Stamp__ by DarkShelke:thumb169928506:God is real by JonoLucernelove music stamp by Fire-FelineAnimal Abuse Stamp by GlintzDragonIf you believe... by black-cat16-stamps"Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-StampsOwn Style Stamp by HyperactiveMothManOC x Canon stamp by ARTic-WeatherI draw during class STAMP by CountANDRAMusic Stamp by The-HamletsNo FB by GodOfBadWeatherEd Edd 'n Eddy - 001 by Stamps4JournalsTyping Stamp by In-The-MachineDoctor Octopus Stamp 5 by dA--bogeymanThe Early Stamp by BusirisCenter of attention - stamp by Angi-ShyMarvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86Pixar - stamp by hiena004DC Comics Stamp by NewEraUsherPlaystation stamp by 3enzo:thumb160167987:Tekken Fan Stamp by vdaymassacreoc pairings by Noe-Izumiart helps me relax stamp by wol4ica-stockCrash Stamp by pokeone123:thumb191309284:Anti Trolls Stamp by sonic2344Ultimate Spider-Man Stamp by KimoForceMARVEL Thor + Hulk Stamp by TwilightProwlerMARVEL Peter Parker + Gwen Stacy Stamp by TwilightProwlerDaily... by prosaixNever enough sleep by prosaixI love Cheetahs by WishmasterAlchemist.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotAnti-Domestic Abuse Stamp by icze4rAs a Christian, I Support by WorldincoffeeAnti-Racism by KeykeyFan Character Stamp by queen-of-pieI support Fanart by SquallxZell-Leonhart:thumb204016636:Normal by MySweetQueenI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate:thumb51586395:Stamp: I love NATURE by silsadoSTAMP-mechanical pencils by Sister-of-CharitySTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzCOD is NOT the God of Gaming by LegendaryDragon90Sketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlowI Like Watching Clouds by PhysicalMagicGangnam Style Stamp by wangqrForever Drawing by Kiqo7Fun not fame... by prosaixPeace stamp by RetromissileI Love Rollercoasters by alisagirardCrash Bandicoot stamp by LillyRabbitI Love Eyes Stamp by Sugargrl14Stamp : Be nice or shut up by CrysthalI miss the old CN by Nidsslamgirl-KNDEM-RAYTID GAYMES MAYK MII HARDCOR by N63Not Anymore by 5oulCore

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